Welcome !

‘L’eau vive” is a festival and an opportunity to meet others and discover new activities, but there are also….trials and races !

Long distance race on Saturday 26 May 2018 at 16.00

Total distance: 11 km in two loops
Start and finish in front of the village “L’Eau Vive”
Briefing at 15.30
Start at 16.00
Boards 14′ and 12,6′

Technical race on Sunday 27 May at 14h00

Total distance: 3,5 km in 3 loops
Start at 14.00
A river course with tricks of the current and a chicane just in front of the
village L’Eau Vive.
Boards  14′ and 12,6′

The Friendly SUP Race  / Sunday 27 may at 15h

A race to enjoy alone or in a team.
Music, dress code a lot of fun and a friendly race
Accessible to all, 4km
All types of board are welcome
minimum age : 10 years old

Rates :

For 2 events: Long Distance and Technical Race and Saturday party: 53 euros
For one race only (LD or TR): 28 euros
Friendly Race : 10€ ( students 5€ )
For a drink, buffet and DJ evening on Saturday: 13€ per person ( competitor or supporter)
Race vest (souvenir of the event): 5€
Yoga + Vegan Brunch : 10€
Stand Up paddle initiation, coaching : 10€
Hiring a board: 20€ per day
Hiring a kick scooter : 20€ for the weekend
Hiring a bike : Ask the camping site

Ranking and Podium

Lots and prizes = 5,000 euros in 2018

The friendly Race :

– Podium by teams with as many competitors as possible
– Funniest, youngest, oldest team
– Lottery draw

Long distance and Technical Race
Categories M/F and 14’ or 12,6
– Junior (U18)
– Open
– Kahunas and Grand Kahunas (beyond 45)

Prize money

Open (All category ages)
One price per race

Rules of race LD and TR

The race is organized under the aegis of the French Surf Federation and in
respect the rules.

Article 1 The Race Committee is composed of the following persons:

The race commissioner
The security manager
The timekeeper (Long distance)
A representative of male competitors (person to be nominated on site).
A representative of the competitors (person to be designated on the spot).
The role of the Race Committee:
Contribute to the smooth running of the event, in accordance with the specifications
loads of the French Surf Federation, taking into account the
regulations in force, general conditions of racing and safety.
Deal with any complaints from competitors.

Article 2 Registration

All participants must be in possession of a validated license for the
proposed sport in competition, or a medical certificate of non-cons
indication to competitive sport less than three months old.
Before the start of the race, competitors must confirm their registration
take their bib, and have their equipment validated (checking the length
of the board).

Article 3 Classification and timing

The manual timing is done and double and by four people at
least: in each pair one person records time, another
the competitor’s number is recorded and the time is recorded. The judge
finish in charge of the timing is positioned in the axis of the line
arrival, so as to clearly visualize the arrival of the arrivals. He stops
stopwatch at the passage of the competitor who must obligatorily have his
paddle in hand. (when the competitor has forgotten his paddle, the stopwatch
continues to turn until he passes the line, his own paddle in his hand). In
case of arrival elbow to elbow, it is the body of the competitor which is retained
(photo if needed)
Only the Long Distance event is timed

Article 4 Racing Rules

Wearing the leash or a buoyancy vest is mandatory during the entire race
Single paddle only.
At the start or in case of fall, it is allowed up to 5 strokes of paddle (paddle or
arm) before resuming standing. The passage of the buoys must
standing, as well as the passage of the waves.
Any external help (refueling, orientation, boat accompanying,
etc.) is prohibited during competitions unless specifically authorized by the
Race Committee.
The boats, and more generally all the gear, motorized or not,
ensuring safety or following the race, must keep a good distance
competitors according to the importance of the wave they produce.
The organizer must have informed the drivers and demand the respect of this
Respect for the environment is as important as respect for the environment
people. It is obligatory to get rid of waste (packaging,
food, bottles) in the appropriate bins. Water is precious,
the ocean is a fragile playground.
In case of abandonment, all competitors must report to the following boat,
possibly join a sheltered area and / or contact the organizer on the
arrival point

The start is given by the race commissioner, with microphone. It tells the
competitors that the start will be given in the minute. The moment of departure
is a sound signal.

Article 5 Duty of mutual assistance

Competitors must provide assistance to anyone found
in danger on the course of the race, competitor or not.
Depending on the situation, the Race Committee examines the possibility
to compensate competitors who have lost time in
providing help to a person in difficulty. The competitor could then
benefit from a reclassification.

Article 6 Personal image policy

The competitors, by their registration and the payment of their commitments,
authorize the press, the organizer, and the Federation to exploit the data
pictures and photos taken during training sessions,
competition and during the proclamation of the results.
This authorization covers photographs and films that may be taken
also. It is also authorized to reproduce, distribute and publish
the image, name, competitor participating in this competition, and equipment
it uses on all current and future formats and formats
including, paper, audio and video media, analog and digital,
online services on all networks, intended for an internal or external audience,
made free of charge or onerous to account for the event, to ensure
the promotion of future competitions organized by the organizer, and / or
Federation and in general, of all the actions of the Federation.
Authorization to reproduce, disseminate and publish the image of the
competitor is valid for a period of three years from the date
of competition.
Permission to photograph, to film the competitor, to reproduce,
dissemination and publication of the image is granted for free.
In the event that the competitor or his legal representative objects to this right
in the image, he must make the written request before the start of the competition.